FULLSYNC’s June Giveaway

by MaddOx
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Ok, so we had an infestation at FULLSYNC HQ. We saw one mouse, then another, and another. So we placed some traps down to see if we could solve the problem. Humane ones, of course, we’re not monsters. And overnight, we left the office and came back and we managed to catch five. And we need your help to rehome them in our June Giveaway.

Don’t worry! These won’t require any feeding, water or much nuturing at all. Just simply plug them into a PC or other compatible device and they’ll get all the juice they need. Just look at how cute they are all bundled up together.

June Giveaway - Sandberg Xterminator Gaming Mice bundle of 5 in boxes.

Wait! Did you think we had actual mice running around? Jeez, we keep a clean operation here. Well maybe apart from inside our own minds. But yeah, we have five Xterminator gaming mouse/mice/mouses? Whatever the correct term is. Courtesy of our friends at Sandberg who have a bigger infestation of these than we do.

As per usual, for our June Giveaway, we’ll be using Gleam for you all to enter. You don’t need to complete all the options available, just one ticket will win after all. However, the more entries you rack up the better your chances. But we do have the usual rules:

  • Entries are only eligible for UK residents.
  • Only one account is allowed per entrant.
  • Anyone found entering from outside the UK or using multiple accounts will have their entries invalidated.

And that’s it. Good luck!

FULLSYNC’s June Giveaway

Sandberg Xterminator Giveaway

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