FULLSYNC Jan 2020 Giveaway

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Well, I suppose it was about time we got back to work really. Christmas is over, the news has begun to trickle in again, just one last thing to do. Launch our Jan 2020 giveaway.

That’s right folks! Christmas may be over but we’re still in the mood to dish out some tasty treats for all our wonderful site visitors.

This month, and next, we’re teaming up with the Gaming Peripherals manufacturer SADES to give away two awesome gaming headsets. Because, well, we don’t need an excuse but if there was one then it’d be so you can enjoy playing all the awesome games Santa delivered over the festive period.

For our Jan 2020 giveaway, we have the SADES Spirits headset which you can find on Amazon right now. But to save you heading there to check it out, we have some features listed below so you know why this prize is just so damn good:

  • Fantastic features at an excellent price point;
  • Crisp, rich stereo sound for both games and music thanks to 50mm speakers;
  • Lightweight weighing only 200g ensuring comfort at all times;
  • Multi-platform compatibility due to 3.5mm audio jack;
  • SADES dedicated to producing quality gaming headsets and excellent customer service;
  • 2-year guarantee – 18 months product guarantee plus 6 months by registering as a SADES member on the global website
Our Jan 2020 Giveaway prize, the SADES Spirits Headset

As per usual, all you have to do to enter is complete the tasks set before you on the Gleam portal below. You don’t have to do them all, it only takes one entry to win after all, but the more you have, the better your chances.

Now for the boring bit, some small terms and conditions. This is a UK giveaway. So anyone found entering from outside the UK will have their entries invalidated. So, if you use a VPN, turn it off for a couple of seconds whilst you do this. We wouldn’t want you to miss out. And similarly, entries will also be invalidated if we find you’re using multiple accounts to enter, in the name of fairness to all other entrants.

Otherwise, that’s pretty much it. Giveaway ends at midnight on the 31st. So get racking up the entries.

Good luck! And a Happy New Year to all!

FULLSYNC’s Jan 2020 Giveaway

SADES Spirits Giveaway

Make sure you don’t miss out winning awesome prizes like the one in our Jan 2020 giveaway by clicking HERE and keeping an eye on our giveaway page. You can also find our giveaways shared on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

This post contains affiliate links. You are not by any means obliged to use these links or purchase items through them, but doing so will likely earn FULLSYNC some revenue. We won’t be using these funds to swim in though like Scrooge McDuck. No. We reinvest all our money back into the site to keep it running and to keep bringing you the best giveaways we can.

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