Full Sync’s #screenshotsaturday favourites

Welcome back again folks to another edition of Full Sync’s #screenshotsaturday favourites. I won’t waffle on too much this week and instead, just jump right into the action.

First up is a little trailer for Sumoman, a fun looking game by Tequilabyte Studio. The idea premise is that you take control of a sumo wrestler and make your way from start to finish on each level, using your expert balancing and timing skills. As you’ll see in the trailer there are some hilarious consequences when you fail to time your jumps to perfection, or accidentally step too close to the edge of a balancing platform. If you like the look of it, you can go check it out on Steam by clicking HERE.




The next #screenshotsaturday moment that caught my eye was from Bishop Games and their title Light Fall. The art style is very similar to Limbo; a 2.5D layered world with a dark and simplistic theme. Doesn’t it just look beautiful?

The third little pick of our #screenshotsaturday favourites is actually a 2-for-1, two screenshots from the horror game, Darkness Anomaly. In this game, you play the part of a detective who is trying to solve a murder in the small town of Kingdom Valley. What’s unusual about this game though is it looks into the negative side of being an officer of the law, the emotions and consequences you have to deal with when pulling the trigger on a gun. This is one title I’ll definitely be sinking my teeth into upon its release.

And that’s it for this week, some great little finds that hopefully you all liked as well. Each pick has links in its description so you can keep following the latest news on them if you the games take your fancy. So until next week, don’t forget to eat, sleep, game, repeat.

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