Full Sync’s #screenshotsaturday favourites

We’re back again with a whole new bunch of our favourite #screenshotsaturday moments from yesterday.  It’s the third week we’ve done this now and I’m really enjoying seeing some of the cool things that Indie devs have been getting up to, and hopefully, you’ve enjoyed it too. So, without further delay here are our top picks this week:

First up is this little snippet from Figment the Game by Bedtime Digital Games which you can follow on Facebook HERE. What struck me about this one was the artwork was just so beautiful, and I’m sure most people would agree.

Next up may or may not be a new game from Colossal Wreck who you can find on Facebook HERE, but what it does contain is zombies and I’m a mad sucker for anything zombie related. Do you think zombies looking this cute makes them less scary? Or are you still worried about them eating your brains?


Finally, we look at Crazy Justice by Black Riddles Studios. This is one fun-looking game that you’ll be able to play solo or with friends and can use it to find out what it is like to be someone who has a screw loose. It’s going to be cross-platform too so none of this exclusivity rubbish, you can play whether you have a PC, PS4 or Xbox One. If you fancy checking it out soon, then head to their site HERE to sign up for their multiplayer beta.

And that’s it once again, hopefully, you like what we’ve picked out but if you found something you liked from #screenshotsaturday then comment with it below or on our Facebook page. We’d love to see what gets you excited (although maybe leave pornographic material to their dedicated sites).

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