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Full Sync’s #screenshotsaturday favourites

Last week we started a little feature that shared some of our favourite #screenshotsaturday moments from the gaming community, and we’re back again this weekend with some more.

The first screenshot up this week is a snap from an indie title named Into The Rift; the developer describes the game on their Facebook page as “A Metroidvania with running and jumping and swords and sticks and quests and action packed conversations!” The little snippet below reveals a character freefalling into one of the game’s locations, the City of the Fallen.

Next up on our list of favourite moments from this #screenshotsaturday is the first gameplay teaser for Past Cure, a third-person stealth shooter for the PS4 developed by Phantom 8 Studio. We have to say, this looks to be an exciting game, similar in style to some of the older Hitman titles. To keep on top of the latest developments head over and check out their Facebook page.


Another #screenshotsaturday moment is a peaceful number that comes from Rise of the King, an action-adventure set in medieval times developed by Revelation Games. This shot is set in a snowy climate with the protagonist standing outside a small farmhouse carrying a quiver of arrows on his back. If it looks like something that may interest you, you can find more information on their Facebook page.


The final one is just super impressive due to the size of the monitor. I’ve no idea who it is, or what game they’re working on but I mean, just look at the size of that thing!!!


And that’s it once again, so come back next Sunday for some more of our favourite moments from #screenshotsaturday.

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