Fort Triumph takes to Kickstarter

One of my very favourite things about indie gaming is seeing passion projects slowly come to life, and the Fort Triumph team are working hard at doing just that.

Billed as a glorious merger of X-Com 2 and The Banner SagaFort Triumph is a tactical fantasy game with ‘fully destructible and weaponisable environments’, made possible by an integrated physics engine. The game looks absolutely lovely, and it’s over on Kickstarter for your crowdfunding pleasure right now. There’s even a playable demo – so you can get a little glimpse into what you can expect from the full game there. From the very small amount of rough, pre-alpha gameplay available, it’s easy to see Fort Triumph has a lot of potential, so hopefully the team get to bring it to life.

They aim to have it on early access via Steam in the summer, with a full release currently pencilled in for next year, so head over to Kickstarter and pay them a visit on their website to stay up to date – I know I will be!

Why not check out some gameplay while you’re here? Courtesy of SplatterCatGaming.

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