Our favourite Nintendo Switch games right now!

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The Nintendo Switch is a worldwide phenomenon. Several factors have made it so popular since its release, including the slick design, overall functionality, and versatility. However, one thing that makes Nintendo a household name, is the library of intriguing and perfectly developed games.

Besides, the Nintendo Switch gives you the freedom to play from anywhere you want, unlike the traditional. Featuring innovative titles that are extremely fun to play, everyone will have an enjoyable experience. With that, here is a list of some of our favourite Nintendo Switch games.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This Nintendo Switch game will set you loose in a gorgeous and massive open world where you solve puzzles, battle through dungeons, paraglide around the beautiful skies or cook food. The game utterly redefines how a game based on an open-world could be and features an explorable Hyrule.

Every mountain in this game is climbable, while every path you uncover leads to a new thrilling adventure and exciting rewards. 

The game’s graphics are slick, and a great deal of attention has been put to ensure the game is fine in detail. The game has dynamic combat and gorgeous art styles that are amazing to look at during your gameplay.

With dozens of challenging puzzles that require you to activate your puzzle-solving skills and memorable boss fights, there are good reasons to consider Breath of the Wild one of the best Zelda series of all time, as explained on this great list here.

Zelda Breath of the Wild gameplay

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Embrace yourself for a captivating Pokémon experience in this Nintendo Switch game where you begin the adventure as a Pokémon trainer. For starters, you need to choose one of the three Pokémon partners, from Sobble, Scorbunny, or Grookey.

You will then embark on a journey to the Galar region, where you will battle Team Yell’s battle makers and unravel the mystery of the Legendary Zamazenta and Zacian. There is a Wild Area that you explore to uncover even more exciting features.

Further, you can team up with other players online or locally since the game has a multiplayer feature, Max Raid Battles. In this, you face off against the gigantic Dynamax Pokémon.

In this game, there is more to battling the enemy to become the champion like in previous titles. The game allows you to pick your favourite clothes and a hairdo from the stores in town. Allowing you to transform yourself into the trainer that you want to become.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This Nintendo Switch game is ideal for players looking to enjoy a game at their own pace. While it is fun to play, the game is not as action-packed as is the case with most games on this list. Players who have played Sims before will have a familiar vibe since Animal Crossing follows a similar concept.

The scenario is basic yet captivating. Once you start playing, you will be stranded on an island. The mission is to turn the island into a tropical scenery to attract more visitors. The game gives you the chance to transform the island into whatever you like.

You can build anything you desire to make the island peace of heaven. The goal is to make it attractive enough to attract other Islanders. The game is filled with charm and a captivating storyline. It is arguably among the best Nintendo Switch games available in the market currently.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons NACON Carry Case closed and open with Nintendo Switch standing up

Hollow Knight

The game’s visual appearance alone is enough to rank it as one of Nintendo’s best games. The action in Hollow Knight unfolds in a dark, scary, and deep underground setting where you have to battle enemies.

The more you explore around the realm of what seems like a vast maze of tunnels and catacombs, the more you reveal the history and richness of this game. Every route you take has enemies that you have to fight to proceed with the missions.

Moreover, with every enemy you defeat, you collect exciting bonuses. Hollow Knight lets you enter a fascinating world, and no doubt, you will be astounded at how the developers achieved this perfectly. 

The game’s atmosphere is one of the captivating elements brought to life using the surrounding environment’s spectral design, creepy sound effects, and striking colour palette. Together with other details, these elements help the game achieve its sense of horror on Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Odyssey

The game is arguably the plump plumber’s most inventive and expensive 3D adventure so far. Super Mario Odyssey lets you loose in a series of intelligently designed sandboxes filled with mysterious secrets. It redefines the classic series to make it more ideal for an entirely new era.

Further, it is an endless barrage of enjoyable discovery, whether you are taking control of a stack of Goombas or T-Rex with your hat or warping on a wall for classic 3D gameplay. Playing the game feels fresh, thanks to the breathtaking graphics and befitting sound effects. 

Super Mario Odyssey perfect combination of what has been there before and what is to come in the future for a franchise that has run for so long. The game is gorgeous and weird in a beautiful way, something that makes it one of the most played Nintendo Switch games.

Super Mario Odyssey - Mario in his Swimming Trunks

Heaven’s Vault

The game is based on an archaeological adventure through an open world. Heaven’s Vault lets you explore ruins across the Nebula Moons. Along the way, you must translate an ancient language to open your way. It offers you so much freedom in exploration and translations. 

You have different options to choose from, and your decisions usually pile up, giving you different dialogues with other characters and, ultimately, one of the potential outcomes of the story. Heaven’s Vault is slow-paced, with a lot of time spent uncovering the meaning of words.

You won’t be fighting any enemy in this game as you move around the ancient ruins. The game is the perfect option to give a try if you want a slow-paced game. While Heaven’s Vault is also available on PC and PS4, the Nintendo Switch version means you take it with you everywhere.

And there you have it, a list of some of our favourite titles available on the Nintendo Switch right now. You can check out more opinion pieces like this by clicking HERE.

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