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Farming Simulator 18 set to hit PlayStation®Vita and Nintendo 3DS

Games don’t all have to be about going around and killing people, racing around city streets or kicking a ball on a field; they can be practical too like helping people experience new things through simulations. Whether it be building your own theme park, running a hospital or being a goat, there is a simulation game out there for everyone. And if you own a PS Vita or 3DS and have an urge to become a farmer, well be prepared to wet your panties at the exciting news that Giants Software will be bringing Farming Simulator 18 to you later this year.

No exact date is confirmed yet but you can expect to start experiencing the modern life of a farmer this coming June. So if you want to make sure you don’t miss the latest developments in the digital agricultural world, then head over to Giants Softwares’ website HERE.

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