Family Tree Takes Root Exclusively on Switch on October 10th

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Eastasiasoft Limited today announced that the fruity action ballistics puzzle platformer, Family Tree, will be released on the 10th October 2019 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch priced at US$7.99 / EUR7.99 / £6.99 / 800 JPY. Pre-orders will open today, October 3rd, with a 20% launch discount available through to October 23rd.

A new trailer has been released to celebrate, and you can watch it below:

Mr and Mrs Fruits have gone to bed leaving their fruit babies chilling outside playing, when all of a sudden, an evil drum ‘n bass loving sugar skull named Pedro appeared and sucked all of the babies into a wormhole, scattering them throughout the forest. Now it’s up for Mr and Mrs Fruits to find all of their babies and bring them safely back home where they belong.

Family Tree gameplay

Players assume control of Mrs or Mr Fruits and aim a ballistic arc which shows the projected trajectory, then jump, landing where the trajectory arc predicts. Gameplay involves the player starting each level at the bottom of a tree with the simple aim of finding the goal, collecting as many fruits as possible, whilst avoiding fiendish enemies and obstacles. Once collected, the fruits turn back into adorable fruit-babies!

Mike Daw, Creative Director, Infinite State Games commented:

Family Tree is a quirky and colourful action-puzzle platformer that’s guaranteed to make you smile. It’s a glorious cornucopia of hand-crafted content designed to give players a feeling of sugar-rush exhilaration while remaining a mellow paced experience for all ages and skill levels. There’s 128 goofy levels, 32 bonus stages, a 1-4 player endless party mode plus a bangin’ ISG soundtrack featuring dub, drum ‘n bass and acid house vibes.

Family Tree Features:

  • A brilliantly bonkers pinball-platform puzzler (it’s a real thing!).
  • Over 120 lovingly handcrafted levels to master.
  • Mirror mode for those that want to up the ante. 
  • 32 bonus game levels in case the 128 main levels weren’t enough.
  • 1-4 player endless climb mode.
  • Pick from either Mrs or Mr Fruit to play as on your daring adventure.
  • A ton of unlockables including game modes, multiplayer characters and power-ups.
  • Head-bobbing soundtrack to keep the tempo going.

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