Fall for a Scandinavian Fairytale and Hellish Boss Rush from CI Games’ United Label

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With E3 approaching on the horizon, indie game publisher, United Label, is excited to share brand new trailers for two of its upcoming releases – Röki, a narrative adventure game inspired by Scandinavian folklore, and Eldest Souls, a fiendishly difficult souls-like boss rush. Founded by acclaimed Polish development studio CI Games (Sniper Ghost WarriorLords of the Fallen) earlier this year, United Label has its sights set on empowering up-and-coming indie creators and breaking the mould with its impressive catalogue of upcoming games – see for yourself!

Watch the ‘Lullaby’ teaser trailer for Röki by Polygon Treehouse below:

And watch the latest gameplay trailer for Eldest Souls by Fallen Flag Studios too:

Pre-empting gaming’s biggest annual event with two brand new trailers, United Label intends to set the tone for its E3 presence this year, as this will be its first hands-on showcase of these two stunning titles. Sharing its space with the gameplay debut of CI Games’ own Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, both Röki and Eldest Souls stand out thanks to their unique takes on their respective genres.

Looking first to the ancient Scandinavian wilderness and its bewitching folklore creatures, Röki is a modern narrative adventure game with an alluring art style, atmospheric exploration and satisfying puzzles. It’s developed by the talented team at Polygon Treehouse (newly named in Creative England’s CE50 list), co-founded by ex-Guerrilla Games art directors looking to make their mark with a unique, more personal story. On the other hand, Eldest Souls flips the souls-like genre on its head by offering up a straight-to-the-point pixelated boss rush gauntlet that’s deepened by a rich RPG progression system. This comes from the team at Fallen Flag Studios, who have been working closely with United Label since the project’s inception in order to realise their vision.

Stay tuned for additional details, coming later this month at E3. In the meantime though, click HERE for more of the latest gaming news.

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