Esports Life announced for Steam this year

You may remember earlier on in the year we reviewed Youtubers Lifegiving it a solid rating and describing it as an enjoyable sim game with decent potential. Whilst a Youtubers’ Life isn’t on the horizon just yet, we do have another addition to the series announced for later this year in the form of Esports Life. 

Spanish indie studio U-Play Online describe the follow-up as the “ultimate pro-gamer sim”. Surely the only pro-gamer sim? (Cue a bunch of comments telling me how wrong I am). There’s no fixed release date just yet but it’s currently billed to release before 2018, which is suddenly not that far away at all.  

“With the new eSports Life we want to capture the thrill of competitive gaming,” says Guillermo Aguilera, Game Director at U-Play Online. “eSports Life is the game pro-gamers were waiting for”.

I’m also fairly sure that the game pro-gamers have been waiting for is the unholy eventual lovechild of Overwatch and League of Legends, conceived while Counter Strike watched from a cupboard, but again, I could be wrong. Esports Life is going to feature a bunch of different genres, and promises to be longer, deeper, and more mature. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

We’ll have more news on the game as it develops!

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