Edifier TWS1 giveaway

by MaddOx
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Well, I think it’s safe to say it’s officially Christmas time now. The trees are up, lights switched on and I’ve already begun eating and drinking far too much (then again that’s pretty much the story of 2020 for me). So, it’s time to kick off our final Christmas giveaways! First up, we have a lovely set of TWS1 Bluetooth Earphones courtesy of Edifier.

Now, whilst we’ve not reviewed a set of the Edifier TWS1’s ourselves, our friend over at CodeWithMike has and you can check out his review HERE. What we can say, is nine times out of ten, anything we get from Edifier is bloody marvellous, both in terms of looks and performance. So you’re sure to be getting a great set here too, especially if you go off the review above.

Edifier TWS1 boxed and unboxed

As per usual, for this giveaway, we’ll be using Gleam for you all to enter. You don’t need to complete all the options available, just one ticket will win you the set of TWS1 Earphones after all. However, the more entries you rack up the better your chances. But we do have the usual rules:

  • Entries are only eligible for UK residents.
  • Only one account is allowed per entrant.
  • Anyone found entering from outside the UK or using multiple accounts will have their entries invalidated.
  • If the prize isn’t claimed in 7 days, we will be redrawing the winner

Good Luck!

Edifier TWS1 Giveaway

Edifier TWS1 giveaway

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