Eastshade is out now

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The day has come to explore this fantastic island and paint its most beautiful views, this time from your Xbox One or PS4. Eastshade is available to purchase digitally for $24.99 / €24.99 / £20.99 for Xbox One worldwide and PS4 America, with a PS4 Europe release next week. See the game in action in this accolades trailer below:

Explore the island, discover its secrets, get lost and try new things to find inspiration, paint the best views, make new friends… Eastshade Studios’ second release is an open-world travel simulator set in a world worth exploring. Having charmed PC gamers the world over, the game is now finally available on Xbox One and PS4 by popular demand.

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About Eastshade Studios

The development studio was founded in December 2013 when Danny quit his day job as a 3D environment artist in AAA games to build a weird world (Eastshade) – and released a short prelude, Leaving Lyndow, along the way. With collaborators sprinkled around the globe, they are committed to building worlds that feel like real places, explored through non-violent mechanics. Follow the studio on Twitter and visit the press kit for more information.

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