E3 Prediction Post – What is Sony bringing this year?

by Chris Camilleri
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After missing out Microsoft’s E3 conference due to it coming earlier than I expected (and not living in the US you do not have the exact timing of each conference spammed at you on Facebook), we have prepared an article highlighting what we at FULLSYNC think will be shown (and also wish) at this year’s Sony E3 Conference, which will take place in around 6 hours.

A very bold claim was immediately made by Joshua, who is partly expecting an upgraded VR headset. While the PSVR launching little over a year and a half ago may mean it is too soon for a newer version to be released, an announcement is definitely not off the charts. A sequel to the Oculus Rift is rumoured to be happening already, and therefore speculation for Sony’s headset cannot be discarded immediately. Josh also is one who likes unconventional stuff; this is understood quite well when you see his wishes for E3: Croc and Time Crisis remasters. While I have never played the first, I’d be so down for a Time Crisis on PS4. SPLIT SCREEN PLEASE!!

As far as I’m concerned, I am more about the games so new hardware rarely makes it on my list. I think Sony has to fire the best shots it has in its chamber if it wants to beat Microsoft and Xbox since they had an incredible showing yesterday. Amazing titles, incredible exclusives and the announcement of FIVE new first-party studios, including highly acclaimed Ninja Theory made Microsoft’s conference probably the best in recent years, even better than when the Xbox One was announced. Apart from the certainties, like The Last of Us Part 2 (for which I am expecting some mouth-watering gameplay), Sony has to surprise everyone with a major exclusive reveal. God of War 5 would be off the charts, but having released less than 3 months ago, people have yet to get around to play the latest release of the God of War universe. The much-rumoured sequel to Bloodborne 2, Shadows Die Twice, ended up being a From Software title announced in the Xbox conference, so unless Sony has an actual sequel to Bloodborne, I doubt the Japanese giant can win this year’s E3. Maybe a Horizon: Zero Dawn successor can do it? Or Final Fantasy 7 Remake gameplay? OR FFXVI ?! We’d have to wait until 2025 to see actual footage of it running in engine probably but, with FFXV being as good as it was, we never know what to expect from Square. I also thought Sony would just go and buy a studio as a comeback for Microsoft announcing Ninja Theory, but I think I would be the only one to be so petty. Am I?

Laurie goes all in with his Sony prediction too: NEW CRASH BANDICOOT. This makes a hell of a lot of sense as the remaster will come out on PC and Switch in just a month. Announcing a sequel, or a remaster of the remaining games in the Crash Series would go quite far to show that Sony is committed to the Crash Bandicoot series, and expecting new titles would totally be legit. Since we mentioned a classic like Crash, another classic like Spyro will probably make its gameplay debut too, just to bring out more feels. Someone stop chopping onions, please.

And that’s just about it for our E3 Sony 2018 Conference! I hope we hit quite a number of these as it is probably what we are wishing for too. What do you think Sony will do? Hit us up in the comments below, on Twitter or Facebook!

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