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Square Enix Ltd., today announced that a playable demo for ONINAKI, the latest action-RPG developed by the talented Tokyo RPG Factory team, is now available to download for the Nintendo Switch system, PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and Steam ahead of its launch on 22nd August 2019.

The ONINAKI Demo Trailer is available to check out below:

In ONINAKI, players will follow the story of Kagachi, a young watcher whose duty is to usher Lost Souls into the next world. After meeting a mysterious girl named Linne, his fate becomes entwined with blood and death. The ONINAKI demo features extensive gameplay options and a deep “Story Mode” that lets players experience the opening of the game’s epic tale of life, death and reincarnation, including an option to allow players’ progress to be carried over to the main game upon release. A “Battle Mode” is also included, where players can enjoy thrilling combat using an upgraded character possessed by four daemons that perform exciting and varied alternate job roles, with unique combat weapons and abilities.

Fans excited for the upcoming release of ONINAKI can also now pre-order the game physically and digitally for the Nintendo Switch system and PlayStation 4 system, and digitally on Steam. Digital pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch system will give players the Ouka-Setsugetsu sword weapon, whilst players on the PlayStation 4 system will get the Emrys spear weapon and an exclusive ONINAKI dynamic theme. Finally, players on Steam will get the Titan axe weapon and exclusive wallpaper. As an added bonus, all digital pre-orders of the game have a 10% discount until launch.

A limited physical version of the game for both the Nintendo Switch system and PlayStation 4 system is also now available to pre-order, featuring a beautiful reversible sleeve featuring the stunning artwork of the game’s protagonists. For more information, visit

Oninaki Playable Demo and Pre-Order Advert

ONINAKI will be available physically for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 and digitally for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam on 22nd August 2019. For more information, visit:

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