Double Kick Heroes Going Rogue

by MaddOx
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Today in Angoulême, plucked from the fiery depths, Headbang Club is pleased to reveal new modes for Double Kick Heroes have been added and promise no bangover the following morning after a heavy session!

“Auto Steering” allows players to really concentrate on achieving those slick, brutal licks and not worry about steering the Gundillac, whilst “Chill Mode” allows players to experience the game with none of the threats, but all of the melodious moshing metal!

Looking for a bit more of a butt-kicking challenge? Headbang Club also added the “Fury Road”, where players enter the fury road and battle levels in the “endless torment”. There’s also now the “daily fury” that allows for modification of Sheila, and your weapons, gain perks and loop the game.

Think you got what it takes to handle the fury?

David Elahee of Headbang Club commented:

We’re really excited to share with you the new tracks featured in the Double Kick Heroes OST Vol 2! We have the incredible “Demon Demon” by the Fundamental Wisdom of Chaos, “Prepare to Meet Thy Doom” by the legendary Elmobo and more!

The Volume 2 update Includes:

  • Added Chill Mode – now experience Double Kick Heroes without any threat
  • Added Fury Road – enter the fury road, battle levels in the endless torment and daily fury, modify Sheila and your weapons, gain perks and loop the game.
  • Added Partition Speed option, the game is too slow, let’s push speed to eleven!
  • Added Auto Steering. Does Steering Sheilah give you a headache? We got you covered, brother!
  • Release full OST Volume 2 on Steam, Itch and soon on YouTube.
  • A hella lotta fixes and more optimizing stuff.
  • Added Chapter 6 regular beta Access.

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