Don’t Die, Minerva! Launches on Game Preview & Early Access

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Don’t Die, Minerva! the newest title from Xaviant, developers of The Culling, arrives today on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. Priced at $19.99 (varies by region) for both platforms, a free 1-hour Don’t Die, Minerva! demo is now available on Xbox.

Xaviant’s Director of Operations, Josh Van Veld commented: 

We put a tremendous amount of care and effort into building this game, and the launch version reflects all of the team’s hard work.

Watch the new Don’t Die, Minerva! Early Access launch trailer below:

Don’t Die, Minerva! features fiendishly difficult Binding of Isaac-style gameplay. Dodging grumpy spooks and ectoplasm spitting ghosts while blasting them with a flashlight and stuffed animal attacks get progressively harder as 11-year old Minerva explores deeper into a haunted mansion.

Van Veld added:

So far, the feedback we’ve received from players who received a preview build has been very positive. We felt like we were making something special, but it’s not until others start enjoying the game and talking about it that it feels real.

Don’t Die, Minerva! screenshot

The Xaviant team plans on developing additional content as they update the game through the Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview periods. Community feedback from early adopters will help drive gameplay changes and content included in future updates. 

Van Veld went on to say:

With the launch version wrapped up we’re already looking ahead to our first content update. We’re excited to add even more variety in the form of weapons, loot, and enemies for players to discover. We’re also dying to find out what types of things players will be requesting.

Fans of the game can purchase the game now on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. With no two runs the same, death is always right around the corner.


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