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Sparklite’s World of Geodia can be a precarious and wondrous place. Merge Games invite you to discover even more of Geodia’s secrets with Margo & Pogo, Geodia’s (self-proclaimed) fearless explorers who have been everywhere and met everyone (almost). See the world, meet the people and gear up for adventure!

Just as Professor Corwin has shown in his Bestiary of Baddies, and Sparkmaster Rizzle has detailed using his Workshop of Wonders, Margo & Pogo’s detailed Explorer’s Journal gives you an early peek at the five diverse procedurally generated biomes you’ll get to explore where an abundance of mystery and challenges lie in wait.

From the lush greenery of the Vinelands to the scorching desert of the Shifting Sands, Margo & Pogo have discovered almost all of Geodia. There are still areas yet to be discovered however; there are ancient caves and Shrines that haven’t been opened since records began. Legend has it, The Founders created these Shrines and are designed only for their descendants to be able to access. But nobody can be certain…

Sparklite gameplay screenshot

While exploring these vibrant lands you’re sure to meet some interesting people – Sparkmaster Rizzle and Professor Corwin you already know, but there’s also Hawkins, who’s always got a healthy supply of Gadgets and Widgets to sell, and Hopper, The Refuge’s medic and chief scientist!

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