Daybreak Games announces H1Z1 esports plans

In today’s news, arena shooters besides Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds still exist, and in a maximum effort to nurture the competitive scene, Daybreak Games is launching the Elite Series, a new program that intends to bring together the best of the best from around the world.

It’ll kick off at Dreamhack Atlanta, from the 21st-23rd of July, with multiple opportunities for both solo players and teams to make some serious bank. The team seem determined to capitalise on a burgeoning new area of esports, and more power to them – there’s going to be plenty of people keen on qualifying for an eventual promised million dollar global tournament. Hell – I’m considering it at this point, and I suck at most things.

“The Elite Series shines a spotlight on the skill and passion of our players from around the world, bringing the community closer together through online programming and in-person competition. It’s an arena for the best head-to-head H1Z1 action and will undoubtedly have viewers and players on the edge of their seat,” said Mark Tuttle, director of esports at Daybreak. “There is nothing that can match the scale or intensity of an H1Z1 tournament where everyone is dropped in together, competing amidst the mayhem to be the last one standing, and we are excited to continue to develop this new genre of esports.”

Stay tuned for more information on the tournament as it develops!

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