Cyber Hero – Mission Runner goes full release on March 24th!

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German-based game developer Since Idea Games announces today the full release of Cyber Hero – Mission Runner, to hit Android on March 24, after a year of development. 

Cyber Hero – Mission Runner is a roguelike top-down vertical shooter in the cyberpunk genre. You play a hero and will encounter fast-paced actions and adventures in the game. Like bullet hell, you run through rooms and clear the enemies while avoiding being hit by their projectiles and attacks. Your goal: finish one room after another to reach the next mission.

Cyber Hero - Mission Runner Boss Fights

For each mission, you unlock a bunch of cool features, skills and items to raise the power of your hero. Everything can be upgraded. Try out endless combinations and achieve absurd power levels.

It’s been an amazing journey for us developing “Cyber Hero – Mission Runner”, and after a short time in Early Access, we are now very excited about being able to present the full version to the whole world. 

Raphael Wittgruber, CEO of Since Idea Games

Cyber Hero – Mission Runner gameplay trailer

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