Creative T100: Desktop Audio Goes Hi-Fi

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Creative Technology today announced the release of Creative T100, its latest addition to the long-running T series of 2.0 desktop speaker systems. Which included the popular T20 and T40, high-performing speakers which have adorned many a desktop for users.

The Creative T100 packs a lot of audio punch which belies its minimalistic package. Featuring a room-filling and lifelike soundstage boosted by the improved BasXPort™ technology and delivered through a 2.75” full-range driver with built-in digital amplifier, users will be treated to crystal clear vocals and rich, deep tones.

Enhancing the desktop audio experience even further, T100 matches its powerful performance (total system power of 40W RMS, peaking at 80W) with a sleek form factor which occupies minimal footprint on the desktop.

Being highly versatile, the Creative T100 features myriad of connectivity options – Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5 mm AUX-in, optical-in, and a USB FLAC player – all of which are accessible through a handy remote control.

In a way, it is a modern tribute of the bulky Hi-Fi systems of old which were a staple in every household, but which is a perfect fit for today’s discerning users looking for a stellar audio upgrade on their PC or laptop.

Creative T100 Speakers

Creative T100 speakers set up at a desktop

The Creative T100 is available for £109.99 at

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