Creative Outlier Gold: True Wireless In-Ears

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Creative Technology Ltd announced today the launch of the Creative Outlier Gold, its follow-up to the critically-acclaimed Creative Outlier Air which set the true wireless earbuds market alight with its attractively-priced package of excellent audio performance with long battery life. With the Outlier Gold, users can look forward to all-new enhancements which will set a new standard in this category.

Free Activation for Software Super X-Fi

The Outlier Gold is the first headphone to activate Software Super X-Fi on the SXFI App, effectively making it a Super X-Fi MP3 player. Through a Bluetooth connection to the SXFI App, the Outlier Gold will wirelessly unlock the app’s Super X-Fi software processing technology on local music files for FREE. The SXFI App can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The Outlier Gold, when combined with Super X-Fi, recreates the natural soundstage of a set of speakers in a studio, with the same expansive experience, detail, spaciousness and realism. With these ultra-lightweight headphones, users will feel as if their headphones have disappeared, while enjoying audio that’s natural like no other wireless earbuds have achieved before.

As with any MP3 player, Software Super X-Fi will not play streaming content such as YouTube, Spotify etc. Users who wish to enjoy the full Super X-Fi capability on all content should consider the SXFI AMPSXFI AIR and SXFI AIR C, Creative’s range of Super X-Fi hardware products.

Stamina for True Wireless Earbuds Redefined

Boasting a jaw-dropping 14-hour playtime per charge which surpasses the Outlier Air, the Outlier Gold holds the longest single playtime for true wireless earbuds. Coupled with the accompanying charging case, it provides an incredible total playtime of up to 39 hours.

Sim Wong Hoo, CEO of Creative commented:

The Outlier Gold is really a superboosted version of the wildly popular Outlier Air. The first batch of Outlier Air sold out within a few hours of the last IT Show in Singapore due to its great look and fit, unbeatable features and irresistible price. And now, we will upstage ourselves with the Outlier Gold. With Software Super X-Fi, it is a bliss for discerning music lovers who can now enjoy their own library of songs with this award-winning headphone holography technology. Moreover, with 39 hours of total playtime, you can go an entire month of daily commute* without charging, which is just incredible.

*assuming 90 minutes of commute per work day.


  • Software Super X-Fi  
  • 14 hours playtime on single charge; total playtime of up to 39 hours*
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy with aptX and AAC
  • 6mm graphene driver diaphragm
  • IPX5 certified (sweatproof)
  • Smart voice assistance compatibility
  • 3 pairs of additional ear tips (in 2 sizes)

*Based on moderate volume level. Actual batter life will vary with usage settings and environmental conditions.

Pricing and Availability

The Creative Outlier Gold is priced at GBP 94.99 and is available at

For more information, visit

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