Crab War 3.5.0

by MaddOx
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Now is the perfect time to be a Crab War player! Haven’t tried Appxplore’s hit idle clicker where you unleash swarms of colorful crabs to destroy reptilian foes? Check out the latest update, Crab War 3.5, which features a range of quality-of-life improvements for both new and veteran crab warriors!

For newcomers to Crab War, the early game has been rebalanced to feel even more fast-paced and exciting. New players are empowered to unlock abilities and rush to be reborn with strange, powerful mutations of your choosing.

Crab War gameplay screenshot

Veteran crab commanders will be thrilled to learn that players who’ve reached 10,000m now get the option to automatically upgrade your crab army after Ecdysis, allowing you to take down your enemies with even greater speed and efficiency.

Play Crab War 3.5 now, available on Android and iOS!

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