Conglomerate 451 gets biggest Early Access update yet!

by MaddOx
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1C Entertainment and Conglomerate 451 developer RuneHeads release the largest Early Access update to their grid-based, cyberpunk dungeon crawler yet.

During the past two months, RuneHeads have been working hard on improving the game by adding a series of key features and gameplay changes, such as the much-anticipated story mode, expanded loot system, new areas and characters, new intro, and much more.

What’s new in today’s update:

  • Special Loot Crates: Introducing different rarities to Loot Crates with better rewards, depending on mission difficulty
  • REM (REsources Module) System: After defeating an enemy there is a chance it will drop a REM, a collection of resources and items
  • Cypher Deck: Now every Agent has a Cypher Deck, a special combat computer. Improve a Cypher Deck by upgrading it and installing new plugins
  • Plugins: A new item type that can be installed in Cypher Decks to modify an Agent’s Combat Hacking skills
  • Further balancing of the game
  • Tons of major and minor fixes
  • And much more!

Including today’s update, below are all the key features that have been added to Conglomerate 451 in the past months:

Major Added Features Since Early Access Launch:

  • Explore the streets of Conglomerate city and discover the roots of corruption in Story Mode. Discover new characters as agents complete missions.
  • The upgraded companion drone provides mission advice and acts as a guide for new players
  • An all-new Perk System grants special skills to agents promoted to a new rank
  • An expanded Loot System
  • Black Markets scattered through the city offer opportunities to buy cutting edge weapons and tech
  • Agents can use drugs for quick short-term ability boosts, but run the risk of intoxication debuffs and long-term addiction
  • Cyber Graveyard and After Life Technology
  • The AIM System 
  • Use new skills to hack enemies and turn the tables in combat
  • A new HUD improves gameplay with a more intuitive layout
Conglomerate 451 screenshot during battle

About Conglomerate 451

Set in a city overrun with corrupt corporations, assemble a squad of cloned agents in a bid to restore order to sector 451. From altering your agents’ DNA and installing ability-granting neural implants, to equipping them with powerful cyberlimbs and literally hacking the world around you mid-conflict, you’ll need to take every advantage you can get.

Not only will agents lost in battle lose all their previous progress, starting again as a fresh clone, but even basic wounds can have a lasting impact on your agents, evolving into permanent disadvantages.

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