Confused Pigeon Studios support Gamers against COVID-19

by MaddOx
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Confused Pigeon Studios are an indie games developer who is looking to do their bit to help fight the COVID-19 virus. They’re not physically going out to confront it, but they are encouraging you not to go out.

How? Well, Confused Pigeon Studios have teamed up with us to give away 250 keys of their upcoming title, Run Kitty Run. The game itself releases on Steam on April 17th, so any codes won’t give you access to the game until then.

Why? Well, they want gamers to unite against COVID-19 by staying home, and staying safe.

But, if you’re not one of the lucky 250, you can still do your bit because following discussions with Sabrina Grassi General Director of the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. Confused Pigeon Studios will donate 10% of the sales to the COVID-19 solidarity response fund.

Check out this video that tells you a little more about what the folks at Confused Pigeon Studios are doing:

So how can you get one of these keys for Run Kitty Run? Well, just email us at and the first 250 people who email in, will each get a code to redeem a copy of the game on steam. It’s that easy.

You’ve no need to follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, or Subscribe to us on YouTube. Although feel free to do so if you aren’t already.

But as a thank you to the developers putting up such a fantastic prize, maybe you could show them a little love on social media. Their links can be found below:

In the mean time, whilst you wait to see if you’re one of the lucky 250, check out Confused Pigeon Studios’ trailer for Run Kitty Run below:

And that’s pretty much it. Just please, Stay Home and Stay Safe. The more we stick together, the quicker we’ll get through this!

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