Chipy the Squirrel out now on mobile devices

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You may remember not too long ago we caught up with the man behind HooGames, Mr Gerd Surey. During our chat, he revealed he was working on a new mobile title called Chipy the Squirrel, and that game is available to play on Android devices right now!

Here’s what he originally said to us when we asked him about the game:

Chipy came up as a spontaneous idea, I wanted to take a break first because Dan the Dungeon Digger had taken a lot of time. But I wanted to make another game and there I came to a super Pixel Art Designer Names Ansimuz. I only saw his art and already saw the game Chipy. The design of Chipy went so fast that I forgot which sound I was using. That’s when I learned an aspiring artist named Eric Tugyi (Disko Lips), he’s just like me and we got along great, even though the time difference between Germany where I come from and Australia (Sydney) was big. So now back to the gameplay. Chipy is like the others also a platform game.  A lot of people wrote to me, it has something of Sonic, but I wrote it back, again and again, it’s not as hectic as Sonic. You can discover a lot in this game, but you should also find all the nuts. You can finish the levels without all the nuts, but you need 3 stars (find all the nuts) to unlock extras. So let us surprise you.

Chipy the Squirrel is a 2D side-scrolling pixel platformer with lots of traps and secrets. The aim of the game is to help Chipy get through all the traps and fill his supply of nuts ready for him to hibernate in the winter.

The game has been developed using pixel art similar to retro platformers that you may remember from classic consoles such as the old Amiga or C64 systems.


  • Secret Areas
  • Story Mode
  • Many traps
  • Fun in 40 different levels
  • Countless opponents
  • Retro graphic in pixel type
  • Fast 2d sidescroller
  • and much more…
Chipy the Squirrel Gameplay

You can download the game now from the Google Play Store, and we’ve been kind enough to leave a link HERE that will take you right there.

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