Celestial Age: Origin introduces diablo features & elements

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Unlock Games’ new western fantasy MMORPG, Celestial Age: Origin, has released the pre-registration and got a good response from players, which there are over 150,000 players joined the pre-registration.

Fierce Battle Settings

The effect of its virtues and experience of fighting are stronger than ever before. When fighting with monsters, your character will make basic action moves such as sweeping, chopping, hacking and blocking with a huge sword or fancy wand.

After you perform a series of skills, Elysian Transformation and Angel Weapons are available, making you kill elite monsters in a second. The game has adopted a large amount of the hit effect, fire, freeze and witchcraft effect together with gorgeous background music, which makes the game easy to play.

Celestial Age: Origin fighting gameplay

Celestial Age: Origin Grand Open World

Every time you enter the map, its monsters, weather and others will change randomly. For example, monsters in the open world have adopted a semi-random refresh mechanism.

In some maps, powerful map bosses, minions and elite monsters will randomly appear in some fixed place, all of which will evoke your desire to explore. Set off into the unknown, endure hardships and come back being a hero!

Celestial Age: Origin artwork

Detailed Fantasy Storyline

Inspired by Western Myths, Celestial Age: Origin presents a realistic and grand World of magic-using 3D technics and dark style aesthetics Thousands of years ago, Brutal dragons ruled the land, making this world terrible and bloody. So many races were forced to look for dragon slayers to defend themselves.

And it’s worse still as Humans started more wars among different races. Finally, these wars lasted for thousands of year, ended with great losses for all races. All races seemed to live in peace after wars. However, it’s nothing but peaceful illusion before the storm, and the forces of darkness had been quietly developing.

Soon after, all lands were invaded by the dark race, and the disturbance and darkness shrouded the whole middle continent again. Proceed to the land of hope!

Artwork for Celestial Age: Origin

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