Celestial Age: Origin Available on November 29

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Celestial Age: Origin, the best diablo-styled mobile game, has garnered more than 200,000 preregistrations by now and is expected to arrive for Android on 29th November The game serves up a hearty meal of fast-paced action, console-quality visuals, and more than 64 eudemons to accompany you. Besides, more than 30 seamless maps and 33 gears are waiting for you to experience. Up to this day, Celestial Age: Origin, a collection of various dark elements and styles, is about to be launched. For this land, you will go, for the future that will come to you, let’s bless each other.

Detailed & Delicate Fantasy Story

Inspired by Western Myths, Celestial Age: Origin presents a realistic and grand World of magic-using 3D technics and dark style aesthetics. It keeps pace just fine as you fly through each level, and you can gradually familiarize yourself with various gameplays and world frame of this game in videos, and savor the charm of different heroes and classes.

Harvest the Joy of Governing- Be the Most Powerful

Overlord When it comes to an excellent mmorpg, solo boss and team challenges are indispensable, and Celestial Age: Origin is no exception. It continues the random map & loot as well as different dungeon difficulties, making players have more fun! Also, it adds more bosses with diverse skills, higher HP and shifty attack modes to improve the experience of Boss Challenges. Due to strategic gameplays, Players can not only focus on boss loot but also on the group cooperation and classes match.

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