Celebrations to Welcome Lahn Continue in Black Desert SEA

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Since the announcement last Saturday, Adventurers all across the lands have been queuing up to pre-register for Lahn, the newest playable class to hit Black Desert SEA. Multiple events and rewards are still available in celebration for the upcoming launch of this highly anticipated class.

Starting today, Adventurers can begin to customize their Lahns in preparation for the day when Lahn goes live in Black Desert SEA. Those who participate in the customization event can receive various, valuable rewards such as Lauren Family Gift Boxes, Blessed Message Scrolls, and the title of “A Flower with Hidden Thorns”. Cliff of the Western Guard Camp has also heard the news of Lahn’s imminent arrival and is now rallying new and returning Adventurers. Completing his series of quests will reward them with a variation of a +15 Cliff’s Weapon that has a higher enhancement success rate. But a word of caution is spreading that Cliff is turning away the weak and faint-hearted, so Adventurers should ready themselves before trying to claim these rewards!

Continuing the celebrations for Lahn’s impending arrival in the Black Desert world, game access packages are on sale for 40% off until May 1. Never before has a sale of this caliber been seen in the history of Black Desert SEA, so Adventurers can journey forth and encounter new comrades and a new class. Special login rewards are also available until May 15, so those that log in diligently every day will continue to receive valuable items.

Valuables of another kind were shared during “Voice of Adventurers II” as around 50 Adventurers met with the teams behind Black Desert SEA on March 30 in Jakarta. In this offline event, the voices of Adventurers were certainly heard, with many of their questions, stories, and suggestions being factored into the future development of the Black Desert world. The teams are excited to work with the deep insight and ideas they obtained. They would like to give their sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone who applied and participated and is eagerly anticipating the next meeting with SEA’s Adventurers. More details about “Voice of Adventurers II” can be found in the event’s GM Note.

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