Brand-new gear is now available for Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour

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The Tackle Box Equipment Pack, Dovetail Games’ first equipment pack for Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour, is out now on Xbox OnePlayStation 4 and PC costing $5.99. 

This pack contains 50 items of equipment that are perfect for all the styles of fishing available in-game and will help you combat any situation you may face! With a brand new boat, rods, reels, lures, and clothing there really is everything to set up your perfect in-game tackle box. See for yourself in the brand-new pack trailer below:

We have three tackle companies making their first appearances in Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour including a top of the range 625 bass boat from Blazer Boats and the Phenom + Ippon ranges of rods and reels from Enigma. For our carp anglers, we are adding the Propel rod from Trakker, the first time we are featuring their rods in-game. 

In addition to this, we have new equipment from existing partners. From YUM we have a selection of the Vibra King Tube and Christie Critter ranges in different colour patterns. The Booyah Buzz and Double Willow Blade are featured from Booyah Baits as well as the Ned Bomb from Missile Baits. Represent your favourite brands with stylish Fitzgerald, 13 Fishing, Booyah Baits and Yum boat wraps for the Blazer 625. We have a selection of Baitshack spinner lures also being introduced that will be great for catching trout and salmon!

It’s not all bass focused with some of our European partners having new equipment added. You will be able to use a new range of Nu-Trine and CR1 bait from CR Baits. Meanwhile, Sonik Sports have the Xtractor rod and reel for you to use. The Xtractor reel is brand new to the market so try it first in this equipment pack! 

Finally, give your character a new look with clothing from Wofte along with exclusive Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour clothing.

Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour Tackle Box Equipment Pack logo with Tecklebox image

With so many quality items in one great value pack, buy the Fishing Sim Tackle Box Equipment Pack and start beating your PBs!

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