Box Align for Nintendo Switch

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Already available for Mac and Windows on Steam, Box Align will be released by QUByte Interactive for Nintendo Switch in a partnership with Kasulo Game Studio.

Relax, have a peaceful moment and boost your brain. Discover the power of the Box Align puzzle game! With simple gameplay, try to eliminate all the boxes whilst listening to a good mood music.

For a relaxing time make it a Box Align time!

About Box Align

Box Align was conceived to be a very easy going and casual puzzle game with the intent to bring some relaxing time for those who enjoy a good and challenging puzzle.

The game has 99 puzzles in increasing difficulty. With 7 different color boxes and 5 special boxes with different behaviors, the player needs to arrange boxes in a row of three or more to make them disappear. It is not a race against time, so the player has all the time he needs to complete each level.

The gameplay are very simple and intuitive, very suitable for all ages.


  • 99 Levels
  • 7 boxes and 3 extra box behaviors
  • 3 special unique boxes
  • Minimalist game concept
  • Relaxing experience
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Easy interactions

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