Borderlands 3 has FINALLY been announced

by MaddOx

It seems like forever since we had ourselves a new Borderlands title, when in actual fact it has only been five years when 2014 saw the release of Borderlands: The Pre-sequel. Since then, we’ve had to make do with a re-release of all three titles in the form of the Handsome Jack Collection and a VR remake of Borderlands 2.

The wait is finally over though. Because, after months of speculation and rumours going around as to why it hadn’t been unveiled yet and that the game was being worked upon, it was announced today at PAX East during the Gearbox Software event. It was also streamed online on the official Borderlands website and the Gearbox Official Twitch channel.

A bunch of things that were confirmed are:

  • The new Borderlands game will not be Battle Royale;
  • There are a whole bunch of new characters joining a roster of favourites, including those from Tales of the Borderlands;
  • Handsome Jack will not be coming back. He’s dead! Get over it!
  • There are going to be multiple worlds to explore;
  • Brick can play a Saxophone. Who knew?
  • There will be over one billion guns!

Unfortunately that is all they had to share. But we’ll be sure to bring more news about the game as details get released.

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Credit for the Bord3rlands logo goes to @HaloFanForlife1.

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Sal Salerno March 29, 2019 - 11:07 am

Say folks, could you at least credit me for the Borderlands 3 logo? You can check this thread on twitter for authenticity of my claim:

So for any fans of @Borderlands 3 that are seeing the logo with the "3" in the middle… that is MY design. How can I prove it? I posted it on their forums in 2014. Here's a screenshot I just took of it in Illustrator with the layer box showing. I will post a couple more…— Sal Salerno (@HaloFanForLife) March 29, 2019

If that code4 doesn’t come through, then go to my twitter profile: @HaloFanForlife1
Also, you can see in this article from 2016, I was credited properly by anotehr website:
Thank you.

MaddOx March 29, 2019 - 11:18 am

Apologies! We’ve now given credit to you at the bottom of the post. I couldn’t find any ownership when I used it so didn’t add it. Once again, sincerely apologise for using it without crediting you.


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