Borderlands 3 has FINALLY been announced

Borderlands 3 logo
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  1. Sal Salerno says:

    Say folks, could you at least credit me for the Borderlands 3 logo? You can check this thread on twitter for authenticity of my claim:

    So for any fans of @Borderlands 3 that are seeing the logo with the "3" in the middle… that is MY design. How can I prove it? I posted it on their forums in 2014. Here's a screenshot I just took of it in Illustrator with the layer box showing. I will post a couple more…— Sal Salerno (@HaloFanForLife) March 29, 2019

    If that code4 doesn’t come through, then go to my twitter profile: @HaloFanForlife1
    Also, you can see in this article from 2016, I was credited properly by anotehr website:
    Thank you.

    1. MaddOx says:

      Apologies! We’ve now given credit to you at the bottom of the post. I couldn’t find any ownership when I used it so didn’t add it. Once again, sincerely apologise for using it without crediting you.

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