Big content update added to Hot Shot Burn

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Hot Shot Burn, the chaotic 4 player party brawler designed to make you swear at your friends just got its first big content update.

Three new arctic inspired maps, one new squid shooting bounty hunter rabbit character (what?) and a host of gameplay tweaks have just gone live. The full list of additions and tweaks are listed in the patch notes on Steam.

Since Hot Shot Burn will never have microtransactions or pay-walls, this content plus all future updates are free for existing players and is unlocked just by playing the game. 

For those interested in supporting the game now, it has a 20% discount on Steam till September 24th, 2019.

Hot Shot Burn, Bongo the Bounty Hunter image

After successful showings at EVO, gamescom (where it won the Best Indie Multiplayer Award) and PAX West, the team are excited to finally be able to start delivering on their update plans.

The team has also made considerable progress on the console versions of the game, with the key focus on making sure cross-play is working seamlessly across all possible platforms.

About Hot Shot Burn

Hilarious, violent, and (most importantly) televised! Hot Shot Burn is an arena party brawler where the Universe’s most formidable space gladiators come together to battle it out for fame, glory (and perhaps even an endorsement deal or two)! Choose from a multitude of uniquely skilled characters, including battle-hardened punk girls, fluffy aliens and galactic marshals and battle over multiple dangerous galactic arenas to win it all! Use guns, wits and skill to kill ’em all and become the Ultimate Champion of the Universe! Hot Shot Burn’s matchmaking system allows for any combination of online and local couch co-op play, allowing for the players to match up with friends both locally and online for a cosmic good time. Hot Shot Burn releases on August 15th in Early Access for PC with a full launch on PC and consoles in early 2020!

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