Become an Industry Tycoon in the Alpha 2 of Dual Universe

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Today, Novaquark is excited to launch the second playable Alpha phase for its civilization-building sci-fi MMO, Dual Universe. Continuing to deliver on its roadmap promises, the Alpha 2 unleashes upon its passionate community a freighter full of new content focused on expanding the game’s player-driven economy.

See Dual Universe’s Alpha 2 in action with a video overview of its features:

In November 2018, the Alpha 1 introduced the foundations of the game’s emergent gameplay, with the ability to mine ore, reshape the world and build just about anything players can imagine. On top of the existing market tools, the release of the Alpha 2 takes the game’s economy to a whole new level, with the ability to mass-produce and barter goods. Combined with a fully editable world, this bolstered economy fuels the promise of a game in which all content is created by the players, from ships to outposts to cities and, soon, space stations. 

With the introduction of this Industry gameplay, players are now able to build their own fully-functioning factories to mass-produce goods. Just like in the real world, this empowers them to build complex production lines and optimize their efficiency in order to increase their profit.

Go in-depth with Dual Universe’s Industry feature in the latest dev diary:

Industry isn’t where Alpha 2 ends, though. Dual Universe now offers an in-depth Talent system, which allows players to develop their character as they acquire new skills. Furthermore, the Virtual Projector opens up even more creation options and makes it easier than ever for players to build from a template, importing existing 3D models as holograms to act as visual support. Couple this with graphical improvements – including luscious, volumetric clouds and a revamped water system – plus much more and you have one of the biggest Dual Universe updates yet!

Novaquark founder and Creative Director Jean-Christophe Baillie said:

Alpha 2 is a major milestone for us and one we’re really excited to get into player hands. I’m consistently blown away by the ingenuity of the community, so empowering them to run and expand the game’s economy will take Novaquark one step closer to creating the first Metaverse.

The Alpha 2 release comes hot on the heels of Novaquark’s expansion into Canada with a Montreal office, and the recent news that total project funding for Dual Universe has surpassed $22.6M USD. Alpha 3 is already in the works and planned to launch later this year, with the beta planned for 2020. 

The Alpha 2 of Dual Universe is available now at the reduced price of $60 USD / 60 Euros. Pledge packs and more information can be found on the game’s website.

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