Battle Planet – Judgement Day launching October 17th

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Wild River, the gaming label of EuroVideo Medien, has announced the release date of Battle Planet – Judgement Day: The rogue-lite, top-down shooter with a unique sci-fi setting is launching on PC (Steam and GOG), PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on October 17th at a price of € 14,99 / £ 11,99. The game developed by the Hamburg-based studio THREAKS will be available in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

In its brand-new arcade shooter, the award-winning developer THREAKS provides a special action-packed adventure: As a wanted criminal who has escaped from a crashed transport ship, players will have to fight relentlessly to keep their freedom. Police and military units are not the only thing standing in their way, but horrid aliens and ruthless robots, too. One destructive explosion after another transforms the planet on which the pursuit takes place into a scene of destruction. 

Players experience this intense fight for their long-awaited freedom in a top-down perspective with a very special twist: An entire planet serves as the battlefield, rotating on screen to follow the player’s movements. As soon as the players escapes from one planet, they will take the transport ship to the next impressive, procedurally-generated world with dynamically shifting biospheres. Every gameplay session is absolutely unique.  

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