Bandai Namco titles arrive on the Snakebyte GameStore

The GameStore by Snakebyte is a new low-cost mobile gaming subscription service available on Android devices. With no contracts to tie you down and featuring games with no ads, micro-transactions, in-app purchases or Malware, this revolutionary service is sure to be popular amongst mobile gamers.

And if it wasn’t already tempting enough to sign up, today Bandai Namco partnered up to bring a whole host of classic titles to the GameStore. Current games available include; Ms. PAC-MAN™, Galaga™ Special EditionPAC-MAN™ FriendsPAC-MAN™ Kart Rally and PAC-MANChampionship Edition, with more possibly coming in the future.

If this sounds like a service for you, you are able to sign-up for a free trial HERE. And if you’re still not quite sure what we’re talking about, then check out the trailer below, maybe you’ll have better luck with that.


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