Arctic Awakening coming to PC and consoles in 2022

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Revealed in a world premiere at the Future Games Show today, Arctic Awakening is an episodic first-person adventure coming to PC, Mac, and consoles next year. Set in the Arctic North, Arctic Awakening is a story of survival, friendship, and the devastating impacts of climate change

Arctic Awakening Reveal Trailer – Future Games Show Spring Showcase

It was supposed to be routine. A supply drop to an Alaskan town, auto-pilot on, guard down. You and Donovan were already planning post mission drinks when it happened. The storm.

Half the plane disappeared in a flash. Donovan was gone, lost to the howling tempest.

You are Kai, a pilot without a plane lost in the frozen wilderness of the far north, with only a court-mandated therapy bot for company. You’ll need your wits about you to brave the unforgiving Arctic, find your co-pilot, and a way home. Explore stunning yet vicious environments with dynamic, game-changing weather systems, meet compelling characters, shape relationships with your choices, and confront the dark mysteries submerging each new thrilling episode. What was it that cut your plane clean in two…and what is it making those noises after dark?

During the show, studio Director James Simpson expanded in more detail on what players can expect from Arctic Awakening: #

Hard Won Friendships

Arctic Awakening is a narrative adventure, where your choices affect the decisions of those around you. Your actions will change your relationship with your companions, and perhaps your story itself.

Lost…and Found

Exploration is key to unravelling the secrets that surround you. Uncover the mystery of your missing co-pilot, the source of the catastrophe that left you stranded, and maybe, just maybe, find a way home.

You Are Not Alone

In Arctic Awakening the environment itself is a character, one not always on your side. Dynamic weather means each new area never feels the same, and gorgeously realised vistas combine with an ever-changing world to create an atmosphere of discovery, potential, and fear. 

What dark mysteries lie beneath the ice? Answers await in Arctic Awakening, coming to PC, Mac, and consoles in 2022. You can wishlist the game on Steam here:

Arctic Awakening screenshot in the snow

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