This little killer turns 3 today Aragami hits 3rd anniversary

by MaddOx
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Aragami, the third-person action stealth game from independent Spanish developers Lince Works has turned 3 years old today.

Originally released on PC and PS4 on October 2016, the game went on to gain substantial success for the indie studio which led to later releases on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Aragami has sold around 500 000+ units, with around 320 000+ of those on PC. The PS4 and Xbox One versions also continue to perform well, but the Nintendo Switch version, despite being the last version to release in February 2019, has generated the fastest amount of sales for the given time window.

 David Leon, Head of Studio, Lince Works explains:

Despite being 3 years old, our game is still selling which gives us a lot of joy and security for the studio, but it’s also a matter of us grinding to keep that momentum going. The market has changed drastically since our initial launch so it’s not a matter of fire and forget. It seems that today if you get any success, you best do what you can to hold on to it.

Also, to mark the occasion, an 80% discount on Steam that will last for 48 hours will be activated for Aragami.

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