Apex Legends Season 3 – Battlepass Trailer

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This week Respawn and EA announced Apex Legends Season 3. The update included a brand-new map; ‘World’s Edge’, plus the new Legend Crypto and a new weapon.

The Legend, Crypto, is a security expert and hacker with plenty of secrets to keep and an arsenal of tech including drones and a Neurolink which marks enemies for him and his teammates. The brand-new weapon, the Charge Rifle, allows you to burn your enemies before they burn you. Are you ready for the new ranked season? If you will have some difficulties in competitive play you can use boosting in apex legends to get assistance by pro players.

In this latest trailer we now we get a chance to see the new Battle Pass!

Alongside Season 3 the brand-new Battle Pass gives you the ability to unlock over 100 new items including new legendary skins, gun charms, skydive emotes and much more!

You can find the Season 3 Battle Pass overview trailer below showcasing some of the new additions to Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 3 trailer

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If you want some tips on how you can get better in Apex Legends Season 3 you can check out our help guide here.

Apex Legends logo Season 3

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