Anime, Puzzle-RPG, Murasaki7 to Join Tokyo Game Show!

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Chamoji, a mobile app and game developer-publisher who aims to create simple, fun and quality products. They are happy to announce Murasaki7 their first mobile game, that they will be participating in this coming Tokyo Game Show which will be held at Makuhari Messe, Minama-ku, Chiba, Japan from September 12-15. 

Murasaki7 trailer

Chamoji will be showcasing our first mobile game,  Murasaki7, a new, exciting spin on the puzzle-RPG genre. If you are attending the event, do drop by their booth at 3-N24 so you can check out the gameplay, talk with the devs, and even pre-register before the launch of the game.   

If Murasaki 7 doesn’t tickle your fancy and you wanna try something different, check out our website for more gaming news HERE. Also with the release date rushing toward us check out our Borderlands features to get you hyped for the release of Borderlands 3 TOMORROW; Welcome to the Borderlands part 1 – Catch a riiiideWelcome to the Borderlands Part 2 – You’re cordially invited bitch and Welcome to the Borderlands part 3 – The Pre-Sequal. To see our preview of the new game and what we thought when we played it before it’s official release at I65 click HERE. To enter our Borderlands competition, to win a Bandit mask of your very own click HERE.

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