All Rise for Femida!

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After being funded by over 160 backers on Kickstarter in 2016, the Art Interactive team is incredibly proud to share the open beta for the non-linear detective game Femida. This will be merely a taste of a full experience, releasing January 7, 2020, that will take you through a narrative inspired by The Divine Comedy and Plato’s Republic, forcing you to face incredibly tough questions of morality and justice.

Review code requests for Femida are open now and we’ll be fulfilling them in the very near future. The open beta for Femida features the first three criminal cases in the game and will be available on on December 18, 2019. The Art Interactive team is hoping to get feedback from players ahead of the January release date, so step into the courtroom and see what this intriguing experience has to offer.

In Femida, you play as Judge Daemon Mardoch, who wins the Labor Lottery to work in the dystopian State. The transfer promises many opportunities but there’s another reason you eagerly accept the role: Your father disappeared during the revolution and his fate is still unknown to this day.

When the game entered development, it was the first of its kind to put players in the shoes of a Judge. It will challenge players to steer clear of cognitive biases and uphold the presumption of innocence as they navigate a variety of cases and scenarios. Your decisions in Femida take you through a non-linear story with and branching storylines that conclude with multiple endings, adding a layer of replayability that will inspire you to test out different choices in repeat playthroughs.

Femida artwork, body standing over a dead body covered by a white sheet

The State is a fictional country that serves as Femida’s setting and it is a nation undergoing a chaotic transitional period built upon significant changes in ideology and legislation. Your role in an elevated position of judge during this period puts you in the driver’s seat for severe cases that will send ripples throughout the nation, some that could even end with you being killed for the sentence you deliver.

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