Alan Wake leaves Steam this weekend

Due to the license expiring you’ll no longer be able to purchase Remedy‘s amazing Alan Wake on Steam, so if you’ve yet to add it to your collection, the time is most certainly now.

Obviously those of you who already own the game will retain the ability to download it as you choose, but it’s too good a title to let slip away.

Released in 2010, the game is a cult classic, and a genuine masterclass in atmosphere, a terse psychological horror with some audacious set pieces and interesting storytelling. Remedy later released Quantum Break, a sort of evolution of Alan Wake’s vaguely episodic format, but the younger game pales in comparison to some of Mr. Wake’s exploits. With the possibility of a sequel stamped out for good, this is all the Alan Wake we’re going to get, so definitely check it out – and get yourself hyped for the Finnish developer’s next big project on the horizon.

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