1st Update of F2P, Real-Time, 3D Strategy-Brawling God-Game MINImax Tinyverse on Early Access

by MaddOx
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Independent studio O’ol Blue Inc. is quickly updating its free to play real-time tower-rush god-game MINImax Tinyverse on Steam in its first month on Early Access.

The game is living up to its promise of constantly developing and updating the game according to their released Roadmap for the Q1 of 2019, and it seems to be bringing many reasons for trying out and play the game.

Check out MINIMax Tinyverse for free on Steam by clicking HERE.

These are some of the new features to be added in the 1st Update:

  • Matching System is being improved.
  • Realm lock system is being changed to have an option for players to use red/blue to remove the lock from locked characters and miracles.
  • Sudden Death has a time limit, and DRAW will be an option for match’s results.
  • Game daily quests are being added to obtain additional red/blue.
  • Korean Language is being supported.
  • 2 New Miracles are being added.
  • Some Balance and UI/UX Improvements are being included

The team also unveiled the development roadmap for Q1 this year. Check out the details on the Steam page by clicking HERE.

And for more gaming news, should you not have already had your fill, click HERE.

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