1st BIG Don’t Die, Minerva! update arrives soon

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The first big update for Don’t Die, Minerva! is coming to Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview and you won’t bee-lieve what’s in store.

In addition to a new Bee-friendly for Minerva, the update will include a new Orb Launcher flashlight, more weapon affixes for loot, new room types, and more. The update, releasing Wednesday, December 18, will also include more permanent upgrades, balancing, and many bug fixes requested by the community.

Don’t Die, Minerva! Bee

Alongside the update, the Xaviant team has decided to reduce the price of Don’t Die, Minerva! from $19.99 to $12.99 on both platforms.

The team at Xaviant has released a new dev vlog and blog to chat about the upcoming changes and additions. Watch it below:

New Don’t Die, Minerva! Features and Gameplay Changes:

  • New Friendly: The Bee – expanding the definition of what a Friendly can *bee* in Don’t Die, Minerva!, this friendly creature orbits around you, swinging like a wrecking ball with a stinger. Position Minerva carefully and you can land devastating hits.
  • New Flashlight: Orb Launcher – Lob shots in the general direction of your enemies and let the explosive orbs do the work. Charge shots for maximum distance and damage. This flashlight requires extra skill, but the reward is well worth it.
  • 15 new affixes to broaden the procedural loot pool, creating fun new build opportunities
  • 12 new rooms add more variety to the haunted house
  • Epic and Legendary items drop up to 200% more often, ensuring each run is even more exciting and unique
  • Essence crystals appear more frequently, placing more permanent upgrades within your reach as you play
  • Broad balancing pass: Providing a nice ramp for beginners, ironing out spikes for experienced players, and increasing the general pace for all.
  • Lots of bug fixes!

More detailed patch notes will be available on the update’s release.

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