10tons announce Tesla vs Lovecraft

by Nil
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In what just might be the coolest Vs. concept ever Finnish indie studio 10tons have announced their latest top-down shooter Tesla vs Lovecraft. Pitting two of the world’s most mythologised historical figures against each other, you’ll step into the shoes of Nikola Tesla, using a vast array of inventions and the Tesla-Mech (TESLA. MECH.) to battle hordes of nightmarish cosmic horrors.

TESLA. MECH. We hope you understand the incredible potential of that statement.

There’s not an awful lot of information about the game just yet but you can head over to the link below to stay updated on the game’s development and look at some fantastic character models while you’re at it.

Find more information on Tesla vs Lovecraft at the official website. You can take a look at 10tons impressive back catalogue of Xbox, Android and iPhone games here!

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