The Zombiest Adventures hits Steam

We’ve all seen how a zombie apocalypse would affect the modern world, it falls apart, and at some point an Asian guy gets his head smashed in with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. What if though, the zombie infestation happened a long long time ago, just like the documentary Star Wars which happened in a Galaxy far, far away? Well, you no longer have to just wonder what it’d be like, you can live the experience thanks to the people over at ORGS Studio and Snowbird Games.

That’s right, Russia may get some bad press occasionally due to supporting the Syrian regime or other political topics, but it also has a lot to offer the world such as developers dedicated to making kick-ass games about zombies in the 1600s. The Zombiest Adventures, which releases on Steam tomorrow (26th April), is an action RPG survival game with added humour elements to keep things light because flesh eating monsters can sometimes get a little heavy.

Here’s a gameplay trailer to get your panties wet, then when you’ve finished your business you can check it out on Steam HERE.

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