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We’ve been missing this segment for a couple weeks due to how busy we’ve been, but we’re back!

iPhone users. Welcome to 2015!

Yes, if we’re welcoming Apple fanboys to a year that has already been and gone it can only mean one thing, they’ve announced some ‘new’ phones. As ever though, they’re years behind the competition introducing features that have existed for quite some time in superior (and better value for money) Android devices. Here’s a little infographic to show just how behind the times Apple are with their latest release:

MAGIX release new version of Movie Edit Pro

Customer feedback is invaluable to any company, it’s how they develop future products that are more aligned with the needs of the consumer. Unfortunately, there are some companies who ignore feedback and hate any criticism whatsoever, MAGIX thankfully is not one of them.

This week, they’ve gone and released the latest version of Movie Edit Pro and in doing so, have tailor-made it based on what their customers have had to say about previous versions, which means one thing; lots and lots of new features. These new features include:

  • Smoother and up to 5x faster video editing
  • Up to 15,000 effects in an expandable collection
  • 4 brand new premium plugins; NewBlue ColorFast 2, NewBlue Elements Overlay, iZotope RX Elements & HitFilm Movie Essential
  • A new all-around solution for editing 360° videos
  • Early previews of future updates

The pricing for the new version is as follows:

  • Movie Edit Pro – £59.99
  • Movie Edit Pro Plus – £79.99
  • Movie Edit Pro Premium –£99.99

If you’d like more info on MAGIX and their Movie Edit Pro software, you can click HERE to go directly to their website.

And that’s it for today, we’ll be back again next week for another tech news update.

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