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You’ve already seen our new regular gaming news roundup post and the lovely header image whipped up by our chief doodler, and now it’s time to introduce our technology news roundup. This new regularly featured article will be popping up every Friday and delivers some of the latest news to hit the tech world over the past week.

Reallusion to partner up with Faceware and Xsens

Just last week we brought to you the announcement that Reallusion were launching iClone 7. The busy work hasn’t stopped there for them though as today it was announced that following its successful launch, a new partnership has been formed alongside Faceware and Xsens.

What does this partnership mean you ask? It means that iClone 7 will be able to capture face and body motion, in real-time. The new innovations that will help take iClone 7 to the next level will be showcased at booth 1219 of Siggraph in Los Angeles, which takes place from the 1st to 3rd August 2017.

If you can’t wait until next week though, here’s an iClone facial motion capture demo:


Google taking one step closer to world domination

It’s the world’s most popular search engine. They’ve developed self-driving cars and top of the line smartphones. Google even has its own office package with the likes of Google Docs and Google Sheets. So what next for the company who already seem to have their foot firmly in every door imaginable?

They’ve only gone and got themselves involved in nuclear fusion technology, haven’t they? Yes, in what was probably a secret plan (that I foiled) to somehow find a way to create their own Iron Man suit, Google has been working with a company called Tri Alpha Energy to develop a new advanced computation algorithm to help solve complex problems in the industry. And it is already having a profound effect as experiments have been able to progress at a faster pace and new findings are proving to be the gateway to unlocking the potential of nuclear fusion energy.

Michl Binderbauer, president and chief technology officer at Tri Alpha Energy even admitted how important Google’s investment was, stating that:

“Results like this might take years to solve without the power of [Google’s] advanced computation”

Apple ordered to pay up

Considered to be the marmite of the technology world, Apple is a company that you either love or hate. For years they’ve been market leaders in their field, claiming to take us forward with their innovative technology, whilst at the same time being accused by many of stealing ideas rather than actually creating them themselves. I won’t lie, it has been a tough time since Steve Jobs passed away, his shoes were never going to be easy to fill. But this week saw Apple actually being caught and punished for stealing technology that wasn’t theirs and passing it off as their own.

That’s right. Back in 2014 the company were taken to court for what has now been proven to be a case of them stealing the work from a University of Wisconsin-Madison professor and his students. It’s been a long hard fought battle in which Apple denied any wrong doing at first, but this week a US judge ruled that along with a case they lost when the patent of the technology was disputed, they now have to pay additional damages as well, mounting up to half a billion dollars.

Apple will be appealing the fine of course, but if they keep going this way, Steve Jobs will be rolling in his grave.

Amazing to think how far the likes of Google and Apple have come over the years, and where one seems to be flourishing and expanding, the other is getting in trouble and losing the grip it once had on the technology world. Who knows where these two giants will end up this time next year. Anyway, that’s all we have for this week, but fear not, we’ll be back again with another round up for you next Friday. Ciao!

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