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See the inspiration behind Town of Light

If you ever wondered what inspires people to make games, you’d be surprised. Some people take inspiration from video games they played as a child, others get it from movies and TV shows. As for the development team at LKA.it who created The Town of Light, their inspiration came from the abandoned Ospedale Psichiatrico di Volterra, which for those of you who don’t speak Italian translates to the Volterra Lunatic Asylum.

These asylums can be scary at the best of times, especially when they’re abandoned. My girlfriend even gets scared entering the asylum on Outlast, she’ll get 10 minutes into the game and have to quit before she needs to change her underwear. Despite the eeriness though, publisher of The Town of LightWired Productions, teamed up with London South Bank University to send their student and filmmaker, Alexandra Furssedonn Howard to visit the location and share her experience on a new dedicated website.

The website is kind of a companion app to the game, but will also be of interest to history buffs as well, or just anyone with a special place in their hearts for creepy old abandoned buildings. It hosts a digital exhibit of the sights of the asylum as in lies now in ruins, the museum that holds the history of what once went on there and the fictional story of Renée (the game’s protagonist), a 16-year old patient admitted to the asylum without having done anything wrong.

Leo Zullo of Wired Productions had this to say about giving Alexandra this amazing opportunity:

“It’s incredibly important to develop the next wave of young talent and give an opportunity to creative minds. This is something very close to us and we’re delighted to support.”

Whilst Ricardo Domizio, the Film Studies Course Director at London South Bank University, said:

“This was a fantastic opportunity for Alexandra to build on what she is learning at LSBU in terms of theory and practice. Her knowledge of film, combined with her practical expertise is exactly what adds value in working for a company like Wired Productions. Getting out into the field is something that is highly encouraged at LSBU and no doubt this will be a great launch pad for greater things for Alexandra. We are very proud of her achievement.”

If you;d like to learn more about the asylum and see the cold stone walls where people once lived, click HERE. And keep an eye out as we bring you a review of the game shortly after launch.

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