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Era of Celestials Strongest Vanquisher

Season One of ‘The Strongest Vanquisher’ about to kick off on Era of Celestials

No, it’s not a bizarre mini-game where YOOZOO Games and GTarcade recreate the shenanigans normally associated with your last day of school; the flowers here are strictly floral and the only schooling takes place in the skies.

Era of Celestials’ match servers will be grouped together across US, EU and Asia — but dividing players into three brackets ‘Rising Star’ (LV 500-599), ‘Master’ (600-749) and ‘Elite’ (750-999). There are two battle modes for this eSports tournament: a 15v15 PVP free-for-all and 1v1 duels.

When not competing themselves, players can join a prize-giving quiz where they predict the final winner. They can also watch the aerial action unfold from within the game and send bouquets to their favourite winged combatants — or eggs to those who are stinking up the skies!

There are a range of prizes on offer, including celestial weapons, a golden war-dragon mount and gems. The highest ranking players can take a fly at the title of ‘Strongest Vanquisher’ and an opportunity to have their names etched on the aptly-named Temple of War. To get your own wings — and a shot at the title — visit the Era of Celestials site HERE.

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